School of Thought Podcast

Episode 27 - Do You Have a Favorite Teacher 2018

December 23, 2018

In this special episode of the School of Thought Podcast, we bring back all of our guests to answer one question: who is your favorite teacher? It’s a question I ask each guest on the podcast, and you can always hear this question as part of our longform interviews. Today we’ve included each guest from 2018 and their answer to this simple question. We hope this collection of reflections inspires and refreshes you as we close off 2018 and rest up in preparation for a new year. Subscribe to our Newsletter at: We would love to connect with you! Please email us at to tell us who you are, what you think about the show, and who we should talk to next. Connect with us and the rest of our tribe by searching for School of Thought Podcast on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.