School of Thought Podcast

Episode 21 - Benjamin Mathes

October 14, 2018

Benjamin Mathes is both a leader and an artist. He has been an actor for over 20 years and developed the Crash Acting class he teaches and writes about. He is a speaker and leadership coach in corporate settings. He writes across a few blogs and has published a string of books, the most recent one being You, the Career. He is the host of the Heard podcast. Perhaps most famously, he is the founder of a free listening movement called Urban Confessional.

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Episode Links • Benjamin Mathes Website: • Urban Confessional Website: • Benjamin’s Acting Website: • The Story of Urban Confessional: • Benjamin’s Podcast – Heard: • You, the Career by Benjamin Mathes: • How to do Free Listening: • How to Listen When You Disagree Blog Post: • Born Standing Up by Steve Martin:

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